Purpose Statement
The Radiology Coding Certification Board (RCCB) is a not-for-profit organization established in May 2000, to promote the highest standards of radiology coding through the professional certification of radiology coders. Certification demonstrates a commitment and interest in providing only the highest quality radiology coding in compliance with federal regulations. The RCCB is a fully autonomous entity, independent of any other association or society. This independence allows RCCB to maintain integrity concerning policy matters related to credentialing.

The RCCB issues certifications to individuals who successfully meet the eligibility requirements, adhere to the Code of Ethics, and successfully pass the competency examination. These individuals may legally present themselves to the public as Radiology Certified Coders using the RCC designation following their name, or Radiology Certified Coders in Interventional Radiology using the RCCIR designation after their name. This certification is recognized as a sign of achievement and excellence. A listing of certified RCC coders and RCCIR coders is available on this website, and is continuously maintained.

The RCCB is governed by a Board of Directors whose responsibilities include consideration of applications; appointment of committees; supervision of the development and administration of examinations; development and review of performance standards; test data; and the RCCB standards, policies and procedures; and other governance functions.
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