The RCCB® was established to provide an independent and fair mechanism for radiology coders to demonstrate their competence, by validating that they possess the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities for competent practice.  Those who meet the prerequisites and pass the competency examination gain the legal right to use the RCC or RCCIR letters after their name.

The eligibility requirements and test materials for the RCCB® certification programs (RCC and RCCIR) were developed based on a thorough study of the current state of practice in radiology coding. The test materials, standards and requirements may change as regulatory requirements change, and in accordance with annual CPT® and ICD-10 updates. Appropriate psychometric procedures were employed to define the body of knowledge for radiology coders and determine the content areas appropriate for the examinations. These procedures used survey methodologies for identifying the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) used by radiology coders in the day-to-day performance of their jobs. A representative panel of coding experts reviewed the results of the survey and identified the body of knowledge for radiology coding based on this data, which included: ethics, compliance, medical terminology, anatomy, CPT® and ICD-10.The Table of Examination Specifications for both certification examinations, which are based on this body of knowledge, can be found in the the Candidate Information Bulletins.

The test items (i.e. questions) that make up the item bank were written by experienced radiology coders with expertise in all sub-specialties of radiology and all types of radiology practices. The items were then reviewed and validated by a panel of coding experts prior to being selected for the test.  Items are analyzed statistically to ensure the validity and acceptable performance of the items, and updated on a continuous basis.

Certification is obtained only after an individual has submitted an application, met the eligibility requirements and successfully completed the certification examination. Submission of an application does not guarantee that an applicant will be certified.
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