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The purpose of the RCCB® credentialing program is to:

  • Establish the body of knowledge for radiology coders
  • Assess the level of knowledge demonstrated by radiology coders in a valid and reliable manner
  • Encourage professional growth in the field of radiology coding
  • Formally recognize individuals who meet the requirements set by RCCB®
  • Serve the public and the medical community by encouraging quality radiology coding services

The RCCB® Board of Directors, with the assistance and advice of professionals in relevant fields, has developed a credential that will recognize accepted levels of expertise in the profession with the goal of improving professional standards in radiology coding. However, no credentialing program can guarantee professional competence or performance. In addition, given the frequent changes in medical codes and coding procedures, RCCB® cannot warrant that the test materials will at all times reflect the most current state of the art. The RCCB® tests knowledge of radiology coding contained in its body of knowledge, but does not assess competency or ensure performance of Radiology Certified Coders. The RCCB® welcomes constructive comments and suggestions from the public and the profession.